DGIST Robotics Engineering
We pursue a field leading research as well as educating highly motivated students with strong multidisciplinary fundamental. We focus on emerging technologies that can directly impact our daily lives.
Robotics Engineering is a multidisciplinary field of study that converges core technologies from Mechanical, Electrical, Biomedical, and Computer Science and Engineering. Our research topics ranges from industrial robots to nanotechnology with various applications areas. Of course, our strength also lies on medical applications as well as artificial intelligence.

With aforementioned missions in mind, we are recruiting highly talented students and faculties.

To meet the demand from medical and business sectors, we work closely with both domestic and international research institutes, medical centers, and companies.

For education, we try to develop new courses as the field of robotics engineering is rapidly evolving. Besides a large selection of courses, we also support annual scholarships to support students to experience world-class research environments. We truly value the motivation oriented learning and emphasize educating collaborative skills.

Please join us in building the “Next Generation Human-centered Robots”
Department Chair, Hongsoo Choi