Jaehong Lee
(이재홍, 李在洪)

Assistant Professor






Ph.D. in Yonsei University, Korea

Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

Research Field

Wearable sensors, MEMS/NEMS, Wearable robots, Artificial intelligence

Research Interest

Stretchable electronics

Wearable sensors and robotics

Implantable devices

Bio medical devices based on micro/nano materials

Selected Publications

Stretchable and suturable fibre sensors for wireless monitoring of connective tissue strain
J. Lee*, S. J. Ihle, G. S. Pellegrino, H. Kim, J. Yea, C. Jeon, H. Son, C. Jin, D. Eberli, F. Schmid, B. Llerena Zambrano, A. F. Renz, C. Forró, H. Choi, K. Jang, R. Küng and J. Vörös
Nature Electronics, 4, 291-301 (2021)

Conductive fiber-based ultra-sensitive textile pressure sensor for wearable electronics
J. Lee, H. Kwon, J. Seo, S. Shin, J. Koo, C. Pang, S. Son, J. Kim, Y. Jang, D. Kim, T. Lee*
Advanced Materials, 27, 2433-2439, (2015)

Highly Sensitive Multifilament-Structured Fiber Strain Sensors with Ultra-broad sensing range for Textile and Stretchable Electronics
J. Lee, S. Shin, S. Lee, J. Song, S. Kang, H. Han, S. Kim, S. Kim, J. Seo, D. Kim, T. Lee*
ACS NANO,12, 4259-4268 (2018)

Recent Advances in One-Dimensional Stretchable Electrodes and Devices for Textile and Wearable Electronics: Materials, Fabrications, and Applications
J. Lee, B. Llerena Zambrano, J. Woo, K. Yoon, T. Lee*
Advanced Materials, 32, 1902532 (2020)

Soft Electronics Based on Stretchable and Conductive Nanocomposites for Biomedical Applications
B. Llerena Zambrano, A. F. Renz, T. Ruff, S. Lienemann, K. Tybrandt, J. Vörös*, J. Lee*
Advanced Healthcare Materials, 10, 2001397 (2021)