Bong Hoon Kim
(김봉훈, 金奉勳)

Assistant Professor


E5 209




Ph.D. in KAIST, South Korea

Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Robotic Engineering

Research Field

Microrobotics, MEMS/NEMS, Wearable Sensors, Semiconducting Phtonics

Research Interest

Bio-inspired electronics

Bio-integrated electronics

Three-dimensional(3D) devices

Two-dimensional(2D) nanomaterials

Macromolecular self-assembly

Selected Publications

1. Nanoscale physical unclonable function labels based on block copolymer self-assembly
J. H. Kim, S. W. Jeon, J. H. In, S. H. Nam, H. M. Jin, K. H. Han, G. G. Yang, H. J. Choi, K. M. Kim, J. H. Shin, S.-W. Son, S. J. Kwon*, B. H. Kim*, S. O. Kim* Nature Electronics, 5, 433-442 (2022)

2. Three-dimensional electronic microfliers inspired by wind-dispersed seeds
B. H. Kim*, K. Li*, J.-T. Kim*, Y. Park*, H. Jang, X. Wang, Z. Xie, S. M. Won, H.-J. Yoon, G. Lee, W. J. Jang, K. H. Lee, T. S. Chung, Y. H. Jung, S. Y. Heo, Y. Lee, J. Kim, P. Prasopsukh, Y. Yu, X. Yu, R. Avila, H. Luan, H. Song, F. Zhu, Y. Zhao, L. Chen, S. H. Han, J. Kim, S. J. Oh, H. Lee, C. H. Lee, Y. Huang, L. P. Chamorro, Y. Zhang, J. A. Rogers Nature, 597, 503-510 (2021)

3. Binodal, wireless epidermal electronic systems with in-sensor analytics for neonatal intensive care
H. U. Chung*, B. H. Kim*, J. Y. Lee*, J. Lee*, Z. Xie*, E. M. Ibler, K. Lee, A. Banks, J. Y. Jeong, J. Kim, C. Ogle, D. Grande, Y. Yu, H. Jang, P. Assem, D. Ryu, J. W. Kwak, M. Namkoong, J. B. Park, Y. Lee, D. H. Kim, A. Ryu, J. Jeong, K. You, B. Ji, Z. Liu, Q. Huo, X. Feng, Y. Deng, Y. Xu, K.-I. Jang, J. Kim, Y. Zhang, R. Ghaffari, C. M. Rand, M. Schau, A. Hamvas, D. E. Weese-Mayer, Y. Huang, S. Lee, C. H. Lee, N. R. Shanbhag, A. S. Paller, S. Xu, J. A. Rogers Science, 363, eaau0780 (2019)

4. Mechanically guided post-assembly of 3D electronic systems
B. H. Kim*, F. Liu*, Y. Yu*, H. Jang*, Z. Xie, K. Li, J. Lee, J. Y. Jeong, A. Ryu, Y. Lee, D. H. Kim, X. Wang, K. Lee, J. Y. Lee, N. Oh, J. Kim, J. Y. Kim, S.-J. Jeong, K.-I. Jang, S. Lee, Y. Huang, Y. Zhang, J. A. Rogers Advanced Functional Materials, 28, 1803149 (2018)

5. Double-heterojunction nanorod light-responsive LEDs for display applications
N. Oh*, B. H. Kim*, S. -Y. Cho*, S. Nam, S. P. Rogers, Y. Jiang, J. C. Flanagan, Y. Zhai, J. -H. Kim, J. Lee, Y. Yu, Y. K. Cho, G. Hur, J. Zhang, P. Trefonas, J. A. Rogers, M. Shim, Science, 355, 616-619 (2017)