Hongsoo Choi
(최홍수, 崔弘洙)



E5 510




Ph.D. in Washington State University, USA

Mechanical Engineering, Robotics Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

Research Field

Micro-robots, MEMS/NEMS, Neural engineering, Artificial intelligence

Research Interest

Micro/nano robot

Cochlear implant

Neural prostheses


Brain-Machine Interfaces

Selected Publications

An electromagnetically controllable microrobotic interventional system for targeted, real-time cardiovascular intervention
J. Hwang, S. Jeon, B. Kim, J. Kim, C. Jin, A. Yeon, B. J. Yi, C. H. Yoon, H. J. Park, S. Pane, B. J. Nelson, and H. Choi*
Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2102529 (2022)

A Magnetically powered stem cell-based microrobot for minimally invasive stem cell delivery via the intranasal pathway in a mouse brain
S. Jeon, S. H. Park, E. Kim, J. Kim, S. W. Kim, and H. Choi*
Advanced Healthcare Materials, 10, 2100801 (2021) (Featured as a Frontispiece)

A magnetically actuated microrobot for targeted neural cell delivery and selective connection of neural networks
E. Kim, S. Jeon, H. K. An, M. Kianpour, S. W. Yu, J. Kim, J. C. Rah, and H. Choi*
Science Advances, 6, 39, eabb5696 (2020)

Magnetically actuated microrobots as a platform for stem cell transplantation
S. Jeon, S. Kim, S. Ha, S. Lee, E. Kim, S. Kim, S. Park, J. Jeon, S. Kim, C. Moon, B. J. Nelson, J. Kim, S. W. Yu, and H. Choi*
Science Robotics, 4, 30, eaav4317 (2019)

A magnetically controlled soft microrobot steering a guidewire in a three-dimensional phantom vascular network
S. Jeon, A. K. Hoshiar, K. Kim, S. Lee, E. Kim, S. Lee, J. Kim, B. J. Nelson, H. Cha, B. J. Yi, and H. Choi*
Soft Robotics, 6, 1, 54-68 (2019) (Featured as a front cover page)

Fabrication and characterization of magnetic microrobots for three-dimensional cell culture and targeted transportation
S. Kim, F. Qiu, S. Kim, A. Ghanbari, C. Moon, L. Zhang, B. J. Nelson, and H. Choi*
Advanced Materials, 25, 41, 5863–5868 (2013) (Featured as a front cover page)