[Research article] Prof. Sanghoon Lee's research group, published a paper in the field of Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Materials Science in n…

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- Prof. Sanghoon Lee and his research group at DGIST have made a significant breakthrough in the development of highly advanced imperceptive Surface Electromyography Sensor (sEMG). 

- The imperceptive sEMG sensor developed by the research team mimics the structure of serpentine to provide flexibility and elasticity, while securing breathability and adhesion, so it can be applied to the affected areas of various amputees and used repeatedly for a long period of time. In addition, by combining it with a wireless module, the researchers succeeded in acquiring high-quality muscle signals of amputees walking in various environments (flat ground, slopes, stairs) in real time, and verified that it is possible to transmit them wirelessly to the robotic prosthetic limb and combine them with the built-in motion analysis sensor to assist walking. 

- The research team is optimistic that this technology will significantly enhance the rehabilitation and quality of life for amputees in the future by enabling robotic prosthetic limbs to respond to the intentions of amputees.