[Conference award] Junmo Yang, Integrated M.S. and Ph.D candidate won the best paper award at the IEEE 26th International Conference on Mechatronics T…

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- At the 2023 IEEE 26th International Conference on Mechatronics Technology held in Busan from October 18 to 21, Junmo Yang in Biorobotics and Mechatronics Lab presented the paper titled “Design of Robotic Finger Mimicking the Thumb Using Compliant Flexure Joints” and received the Best Paper Award.

- In this study, a wearable robot finger was developed that mimics the ratio and size of the thumb among human fingers, and it was confirmed that it can assist by expanding the workspace that existing human hands can operate.

- In addition, a flexure hinge was applied to the joint connecting the link of the robot finger to implement under-actuation, thereby reducing the size and weight of the overall system and making it easier to wear.