[Research article] Professor Sanghoon Lee's team develops a chemically driven biomimetic modular artificial muscle (BiMAM)

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- DGIST Prof. Sanghoon Lee’s research group developed BiMAM - a biomimetic modular artificial muscle that is chemically driven and electronically controlled.

- BiMAM has two main entities - the artificial muscle unit (AMU) and an electromechanical modular system.

- The design of the artificial muscle unit is inspired from the myoelements of human skeletal muscle in order to achieve longer actuation strokes. AMU consists of a shape memory alloy called Nitinol which is coated with nanomaterials like carbon-nanotubes and platinum black.

- BiMAM uses catalytic-combustion-based heating for heating and actuation with methanol as the fuel source.

- The modular system allows for fuel storage and fuel control using a slider-type valve system, which makes the chemical actuation to be controlled electronically.

- The team demonstrated the possible use of BiMAM in future chemical-driven bionics and robotics by showcasing electromyography (EMG) control as well as curling of a robotic finger using BiMAM.

- This work was published in 'Advanced Intelligent Systems (IF = 7.4)', a well know international journal in the field of advanced systems, artifical intelligenece and robotics.