[Research article] Professor Sang Hyun Park's team published a paper in the journal IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems

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- DGIST Professor Sang Hyun Park's research group developed a new-shot learning deep learning model that accurately classifies subjects' brain waves with only a small amount of information.

- If you answer only a few of the brain waves obtained from the target subject, you can accurately classify the remaining brain waves according to the brain wave characteristics of the target subject.- The newly developed deep learning model consists of an embedding module that extracts meaningful features from brain waves, a time-attention module that reduces unnecessary noise features while emphasizing important features, and a relationship module that predicts the relationship between EEG features and class representative vectors.

- The developed deep learning model showed an accuracy of matching the intentions of the target subjects to up to 76% through 20 EEG data in inter-object classification.- The study was published in IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (IF=10.4), the top international academic journal in the field of artificial intelligence.