[Research article] Prof. Sanghoon Lee's research group published a paper in the field of biomedical engineering in Advanced Science

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- Prof. Sanghoon Lee and his research group at DGIST have achieved a groundbreaking milestone in the development of hybrid bionic nerve interfaces. Their work involves the integration of Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interface (RPNI), a biological interface formed through surgical techniques and a peripheral nerve interface utilizing conventional engineered neural electrodes, resulting in the creation of a cutting-edge hybrid nerve interface. The innovative interface, inspired by a buckle strap and developed using shape memory polymer (SMP) enables easy and quick implantation to a severed nerve, and achieves simultaneous contact with both the nerves and muscles that form the RPNI.  

- To validate the functionality of the interface for bidirectional neural stimulation and recording, the research team conducted experiments in rabbits after forming the hybrid nerve interface. Remarkably, they successfully acquired high-quality nerve recordings through long-term (20 weeks) implantation. Furthermore, the effectiveness of chronic implantation was verified through histological test after implanting the interface for up to 29 weeks.

- Real-time neural signals and muscle signals were acquired from ambulatory rabbits, and these signals were leveraged to simulate plantar flexion movements in a robotic leg. This groundbreaking achievement underscores the promising potential of this newly developed interface for controlling robotic limbs.

-  This work was published in ‘Advanced Science (IF: 15.1)’, a well know international journal in the field of chemistry, materials science, and nano science.